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Honey Bee Pest Control Services

Concerning the decline in honeybee population, nowadays removing a beehive gives you a second thought. The most commonly known potential cause of decline in their population is pesticides – pest control. Honeybees are a crucial part of our ecosystem and they do far more good than they do harm in most instances. Several natural plant species provide nectar and pollen to honey bees. Thus, the raw material for production of honey is available free from nature.

But it also becomes very important to get rid of beehive if they have built their nest under your shelter. This is to keep you and your family members away from the excruciating pain from the bee sting, followed by various diseases. Many pest control professionals have developed strategies to simply eradicate the pest problem without harming the insects – particularly for all types of honeybees. There are a handful of ways to get rid of a pesky honeybee problem without killing the hive. 

Honey bee colonies in wall or attic voids are a much more serious problem than yellow jacket wasps. Yellow jacket colonies are annual and the wasps will disappear in the winter with or without treatment. Honey bee nests may last for many years without treatment and will contain honey stored inside the walls. The honey can ruin walls and ceilings if it is not removed. Never use honey or wax from colonies that have been treated with an insecticide. Combs inside buildings should be removed to avoid problems with honey-stained walls and pest problems, such as carpet beetles, and attracting bee swarms in the future.




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