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If you were in a restaurant and a cockroach walked across your table, you’d leave. If a fly landed on you fries you’d wave it off and continue eating. Flies carry many more diseases than roaches and infestations need to be taken seriously. When they feed, they regurgitate some of their stomach contents on food which dissolves it. They they suck it back into their stomachs. They leave fecal deposits where they walk and can transfer disease from inside and outside their bodies. Flies can be overwhelming. Their flight range is from 2 – 20 miles, and they reproduce rapidly. According to entomologists at Ohio State University, “They life cycle from egg to adult may be between 8-12 days in warm weather. A pair of flies beginning operation in April if all were to live would result in: 191,010,000,000,000,000,000 (191 quintillion, 10 quadrillion) flies by August.

“ There are many factors that keep this number from becoming a reality. We can advise on sanitation, food storage and other non-toxic methods to control your fly problem. Let Ransford help you to further reduce the fly population.  We will be spraying high-quality chemicals in and around your premises. The treatment would not take much time and we focus directly to restrict them from blocking all their ways. We use Fleas Control Chemicals which are intoxicated chemicals and can be used for your home and surrounding. We would completely take care of all the rooms to remove the Fleas from each and every corner of your home or business

At least 65 different diseases are known to be linked to house flies, including anthrax, cholera, dysentery, leprosy, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. When a house fly rests on and walks across such materials, it picks up the pathogens on its body hair and the sticky pads on its feet.




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